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Adepeju Jaiyeoba (nee Mabadeje) - Founder of Brown Button Foundation

Adepeju Mabadeje Jaiyeoba

A trained lawyer, Adepeju is passionate about making a difference in the lives of women and girls across the world as well as working to ensure Nigeria takes the health of women and children seriously.

A skilled community development advocate, Adepeju is a Coady Institute Alumna and participated in the 2013 Global Change Leaders programme.

In 2014 she was selected to take part in the prestigious 2014 Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.


"In 2011, I lost a friend at childbirth due to a delay in getting skilled help.

Her death puts a face behind every statistic on maternal death I have seen – and that was my turning point. It made me realise how dangerous childbirth has become and how our best are dying giving life.

Realising that every woman is at risk  – and that it could be me anytime, if I do nothing about it, I decided to start my own organisation.

Unlike many who see death at childbirth as destiny, I see myself and every woman as potential victims.

In the course of heading my organisation, I have watched traditional birth attendants (TBAs) force feed with herbs women who can only be saved by surgery, I have seen hospitals attempt to revive septic women referred too late, and I have witnessed friends die due to lack of facilities and delay in getting skilled attention.

I have seen unskilled TBAs boast of over 250 ante-natal patients while health centers with skilled workers struggle to keep 50 patients. I have watched facilities rot while corruption blooms.

All these motivated me to form my organisation."

Adepeju Mabadeje Jaiyeoba

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